Mozart’s Sister is Craft-Centric

Mozart's Sister is Craft-Centric

These last few years the new craft-centric, folklore fashion trend is no surprise. This style of fashion is now on the city streets & has risen to popularity when many are seeking ways to practice self-care and self-soothe in these days of unprecedented uncertainty.

It is for this reason that I am anticipating my Mozart’s Sister collections will be a good fit.

I love pairing Mozart’s Sister patchwork skirts with simple Tee’s, cowboy boots & denim jackets when go out in Los Angeles area, always predicting compliments. Just as expected, I always get people asking where I got that terrific skirt! I have had shop owners in some of my favorite boutiques ask where I got my patchwork piece, only to tell them that I made it & I only make them to order.

As you browse through the Mozart’s Sister collections, expect whimsical florals paired with charming prints in softly draping patchwork designs, crafted with a keen attention to detail.

Relaxed jackets, floaty cotton blouses and hand-stitched vests top skirts wrought in rich textures with a period flare.

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